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Let’s have a brew: Joe & the Juice

Copywriting at Wonderland is a job with many perks. From writing for clients all over the world, to free lunches and Friday afternoon ping pong tournaments. But perhaps one of the greatest perks is the ability to work my lyrical magic remotely. Which is how I found myself taking a spontaneous trip to New York City this week. That’s right, I’m currently writing to you from the Big Apple itself. I ate dinner last night in an actual diner, spent the afternoon brushing shoulders with Justin Timberlake at Tribeca Film Festival, and my backpack is already full of deliciously tacky ‘I heart NY’ key rings – apologies for the souvenir spoiler, buddies.

Without rubbing salt in the wound, I was also lucky enough that, en route, the budget airline I chose landed me with 6 hours out and about exploring Copenhagen. And, like all of my experiences with Scandinavia so far, Copenhagen lived up to its achingly cool reputation. As I meandered through the charming, cobbled streets, one place that kept catching my eye was Joe & The Juice. After I’d stumbled past 5 or 6 of these buzzing locations, I decided to pop in and admire the décor, the happening healthy menu, and the killer coffee.

Later that day I returned to the airport for my connection to Newark (don’t worry, I’d never heard of it either) and as I perused a spot to re-juice my electronics before my flight, I couldn’t help but notice that Joe & The Juice was the most happening spot in the building. There was music blasting, customers grooving, and happy smiling faces far and wide. Arriving in New York, to my surprise I discovered that this Danish chain had also made it across the Atlantic. Thus making it the perfect Design Find for my first cross-continent Wonderland blog post.

joe and the juice 6

Now that we’ve caught up, let me give you some context. Joe & the Juice is, you guessed it, a juice bar chain which was founded in Denmark in 2002. Since it’s birth, this hip and healthy hotspot has accumulated some serious success and is now serving juice, coffee, and healthy snacks with a cheeky wink from over 50 locations across four continents.

Like Abercrombie & Fitch’s much cooler little brother, working for Joe & the Juice is an institution. Knowing their core market of females under 30, they hire staff that are exceptionally gifted in the genes department. Yet they also offer education in the form of juicing and nutritional training courses – these guys may be remarkably good looking but they sure take juice seriously. There’s even organised Juice Showoffs, where staff members worldwide compete to show off their juice flaring skills. Unlike Abercrombie, you may be there for the talent but the product is more than worth sticking around for.

And if you’re not there for the delicious juices, snacks, and men, then stop by just for the vibe.  The atmosphere is always buzzing and the overwhelmingly sleek use of black at each location instantly evokes the vibe of a hip, millennial bar. What’s more the minimal, industrial-esque interior design ensures that the hundreds that flock their with their laptops (thanks, no doubt, to the free wifi at each location) are not easily distracted.

Despite visiting 4 different locations, I am yet to meet Joe. But like most Scandi’s, I imagine he’s a total babe. In fact, one of my favourite features I encountered was the tip jar where I lunched in Copenhagen, recognisable by a giant note stating ‘Tired of being single? Skip the tip and leave your number instead’ – safe to say this bowl was packed to the brim with digits sprawled on the back of receipts. What did I say about those genes, guys?

joe and the juice1

joe and the juice 2

joe and the juice3

joe and the juice 5

joe and the juice 7

joe and the juice 8

joe and the juice 9

joe and the juice 10

juice and the juice 4

All photos courtesy of Joe & The Juice

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