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Amsterdam’s Finest Boozy Brunch Hotspots

It’s Sunday. Your head is a little fuzzy from last night’s antics and your stomach is craving carbs – ‘cause let’s face it, you were passed out long before those noodles you drunkenly decided to whip up at 5 this morning were actually ready. So, it’s time to clean up, or hope last night’s makeup is still sufficiently in place, reach out to your friendship Whatsapp group and get brunch on the agenda.

Oh, and the one thing that’s better than Sunday brunch? Boozy Sunday brunch.

Staring at Jacob, Jacob van Lennepkade 215
Brought to you by the brains behind Cut Throat this boozy brunch joint prides themselves on American-inspired comfort food. The menu changes regularly but expect your typical brunch delights such as Steak and Eggs, Fluffy Pancakes and, of course, Fried Chicken and Waffles. What’s more, its stunning interior alone is enough to distract you from that cloudy head.


As is important with each of our top brunch picks, the cocktail menu is on point – Espresso Martini with Gingerbread syrup, anyone? – but Staring at Jacob also offers some great beers including Wonderland favourite, Mannenliefde by Oedipus.


Gs Really Nice Place Linnaeusstraat 81, Goudsbloemstraat 91hs
Everything about this hotspot is quintessentially and unapologetically brunch, from their BAE (Bacon, Egg, Avocado) to the rarely-found-in-Amsterdam Pimms cocktail, not forgetting their recommended post-brunch activities which include napping and drunk shopping.


Gs currently has three locations: in the Jordaan, out Oost, and, in true Amsterdam spirit, on a boat. Like most of the places on our list, it’s recommended to make a reservation or arrive in good time and let a bacon-infused Bloody Mary help you wait it out. Yep, that’s right, bacon.

The chicken waffle burger is always getting attention, exactly what it says on the tin it offers crispy fried chicken hugged between two sugar waffles and topped with bacon, cheddar and spicy maple syrup coleslaw and it’s certainly on my Amsterdam bucketlist to eventually give it a try.


Bakers & Roasters Kadijksplein 16, Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 54
As an expat in Amsterdam, I have a confession. Sometimes I like to escape the Dutch language – beautiful as it is, it exhausts my little brain – and head somewhere where I know I can drift off into a tiny English bubble. For me these places are Coco’s Outback, the bacon section of Marks & Spencers, and, you guessed it, Bakers & Roasters. Owned by one part Kiwi and one part Brazilian, this marvelous brunch spot already has queues around the block, particularly on a weekend. And offering goods such as dreamy Banana Nut Bread French Toast and game changing Navajo Eggs, you can see it’s for a bloody good reason.


Aside from the seriously drool-worthy dishes, I think my favourite thing about Bakers & Roasters is how acceptable it is to drink cocktails at any time of the day, when celebrating my birthday there earlier this month, we got a round of Mimosas in before the clock struck 10.30am and nobody batted an eyelid. Now, that’s something I’m looking for in a Brunch spot.

Not only is the food delicious but generous servings of avocado, black beans, and matcha lattes ensure it’s kind to your waistline too. It’s a little pricey however the portions are so huge that it’s well worth it. In fact I am pretty furious that I’ve not had any room left to try one of their delectable looking cakes yet!


Bennys & Marys Various locations
I actually first discovered Bennys & Marys through a Tinder date, when it’s travelling, pop-up nature had momentarily settled in De Gouden Reael on Prinseneiland. When they first opened, B&M sought to spread their “consummation of a passion for brunch & the lack of its abundance in Amsterdam.” and they achieve this not only through bloody delicious brunch but by popping-up in different locations throughout Amsterdam to ensure everyone gets a taste.


From the brunch classics, Eggs Benedict and Bloody Marys (Bennys & Marys, geddit?) to the more experimental Lobster Mac & Cheese, Poutine and their Ice Cream Sundae served with roasted carrots, Bennys & Marys has something for everyone including a generous offering of unique twists on the classic cocktails.

They’re currently taking a break from service but promise a big return in 2016 and I really cannot wait.


Little Collins Eerste Sweelinckstraat 19F
It’s becoming somewhat of a trend to see expats in Amsterdam seeking out the little things they miss from home – trust me, I’ve been hunting for the perfect fish & chips joint for the last four years. In a similar fashion to Bakers & Roasters, this is exactly how Little Collins’ story began. Opened by two Aussies who were missing the Brunch traditions from their native city of Melbourne, this brunch haunt oozes a friendly and laid-back atmosphere in true down-under style.


Get started with the Beetroot Bloody Mary, served with ginger this elixir is enough to kick that fuzziness straight from your head and awaken your taste buds for what is to come. The menu has an international feel which makes perfect sense in cosmopolitan Amsterdam, from Banana Brioche to Bangers and Mash. And if you’ve still got room for more, the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Pannacotta served with salted caramel popcorn will make your taste buds exceptionally grateful.

Open Wednesday to Sunday, expect this hotspot to be filled by 11am.

Guess we’ll be seeing you on Sunday.


This post was originally written for The Wonderland Store & can be found here.

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