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Chill, it’s only chaos.

Oh hey, what’s up, hello.  It’s me again. I decided to give this whole blog thing another shot and if you’ve made it to this point then thanks for clicking, in return, get ready to have your ear chewed off by my untamed stream of consciousness.

Those familiar with my writings will know I used to blog when I was going through changes in my life – studying in Paris, moving to Amsterdam, getting to grips with culture shock – I would write when I found things different, when times got tough, or when I just needed a good old vent. Writing is pretty much my therapy and it’s played a real important role in not only shaping my experiences but unravelling my feelings. And since life has decided to throw me another big old curve ball, so comes my reason to return to bloggersphere. Every cloud has a silver lining and all that.

It’s been an incredible 3 and a half years so far in Amsterdam – nights I’ll never remember with people I’ll never forget and other such clichés. My time spent behind a bar felt like a rite of passage and I learnt so much more than immaculate bar etiquette and how to nail it in a Smirnoff Challenge. I was in a unique position to meet some of the most interesting people I’ve ever come across – both in front of and behind the bar. It changed me, made me a stronger person, the sassiest version of myself if you will. I learnt so much, not only about myself (alright, alright, the lame clichés will stop soon) but about every aspect of the world. I’ve always had this fascination with storytelling, and having the opportunity to find out so many different people’s stories, becoming a blur in the pages of their lives, was a pretty sweet thing to take away from my time pulling pints.

Spending the last year working as a copy and content writer, I’ve had the great privilege of writing about the things, or mostly the thing, that I love. Amsterdam. I’ve sampled cocktail bars and rib joints, I’ve interviewed my favourite local businesses and brands, been locked up in multiple intricate escape rooms and vented about art and culture on behalf of a pretty slick gallery. And in getting myself caught up in all of this, I found less time to write for myself and the things I needed to articulate. However, that’s about to change.

Yep, that’s right, I’m gonna be all up in your social media feeds once more. But this time instead of solely opening my heart and rambling my stream of consciousness, I’m gonna give this whole lifestyle thing a shot too. So expect brunch, expect booze, expect bed & breakfasts (alliteration is hard guys), because it looks like you suckers are going to be stuck with my unadulterated word vomit as I set about figuring out this new chapter of my life.

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